Piazza Armerina is a medieval map ancient city with a remarkable Baroque and Norman historic centre. In the same territory you can find the Villa romana del Casale, UNESCO World Heritage since 1997.
You will be fascinated by the historic centre, rich in alleys where you can discover evocative glimpses of the city, historical monuments, noble buildings and centuries-old churches. The entire landscape is dominated by the majestic bulk of theCathedral, , located in Duomo square , from which it is possible to see part of the Monte quarter and the countryside. The Trigona Palace and the Aragonese Castle will carry you during the noble time of Piazza Armerina.
The city has been dominated by the Normans, as artworks, traditions and the presence of a Norman Castle,that become a jail in recent times, reveal.
Piazza Armerina, just like all Sicilian cities, has experienced the Swabian, the Anjou and the Aragonese domination; the Spanish vice-kingdom, the Bourbon domination and, as evidenced by the recent reports, the Risorgimento revolts.