The archaeological site known as Villa Romana del Casale is a luxurious abode located at about 5 km from the centre of Piazza Armerina.The monumental site,recognised as UNESCO World Heritage in 1997, was revealed with the archaeological excavation during the Fifties of the last century.

The villa from the late Roman period consists of four group of room with peristyle gallerias, courtyards and thermal places..At a lower level there are a thermal complex and a large exedra latrine, while at the second level there are the peristyle and the living areas. At a third level you can find a three-apse hall and the opposite xystus. In the end, there is a fourth group of buildings that is composed of private apartments and the basilica hall which opens onto a long ambulatory.

With over 3.500 square meters ofmosaic floors, the villa offers the most extraordinary and broad site of mosaic decoration known in the world.